About Us

Who we are

Magnificent Interiors Limited is based in Nairobi, Kenya; and provides African inspired home décor products, art, crafts and gifts. Our products are made by local and regional artisans; and inspired by Kenyan, African tribes and cultures. 

Our aim is to help you add an African twist, to your style!

What we stand for

Our Mission:

We are dedicated at helping our customers to create and reflect their personality and lifestyle by providing feel-good products at the touch of a button.

Our Vision:

To tell the Kenyan and African story across the globe, through our products!

Our Commitment:

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); we advocate for two main SDGs:

(a) Goal 1: No Poverty 

(b) Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

We engage artisans/craftsmen/craftswomen thus enabling them to earn a living.  We aim at advancing the standing of artisanal professions in Kenya and improving their self-esteem.  We want to show that a career in the artisanal sector can be fulfilling, rewarding and a sustainable source of income.